Haag's XC 750 Mod Adventure - Y axis plates/T track wasteboard/etc

As part of the planned overhaul that is currently underway, the first limitation I wanted to tackle on the XC was the Z axis height restriction. Big thanks to my uncle for cranking these 7ga. plates out on the laser… They’re a little “beefy” but they are not going to flex at all!!!


I added some 3/4" aluminum angle brackets to hold everything in place.


Fully braced up the bed…



New completed bed…Version 1.3… Rev. 4…

Google Photos

Google Photos


…and the pirate skulls. Everything looks better in pirate skulls.

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No flexing MDF here…

So after LOTS and LOTS of precision drilling, ordering all of the the correct “post install” t nuts and hardware, framing up the inside of the bed and lining up all of the T track, I decided I didn’t like it…
Each time I want to change the waste board strips, it’s the same PITA lining everything up. And I discovered a little too late that the new Z height wasn’t exactly compatible with the stock Suck It…

So I tore it all all apart, reinstalled the factory waste board, and used wood screws to mount the strips… Works great! Much easier to swap the strips. I lost 1/2" in Z height, but it actually works better for average height stock with these plates.

I also filed down the Dewalt to drop it another 1/2" and made myself a little “G 30 cheater bar” for bit changes… Sometimes it’s difficult to crack the bit loose without moving the X/Y at all and we all know how crucial this can be when doing any type of multi-bit carving. So I run my G30 parking spot command, drop this little guy into place, and it’s spot on…

Completed bed… Version 2.1… Rev 2.

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