Had to try something new

New to me anyway

Thought that was a little plain so made another using walnut with cherry inlay.20171129_134724|690x387



Wow, that is awesome!! Where did you find the file for that?

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VectorClip3d - Relief clipart for cnc routers - Project for all kinds
These are all $2.50

Great, thanks

I count 13

Hang on, wrong site
This is correct one https://www.stl3dmodel.com/

Looks like their prices just went up to $3.00 in the last day or so, in any case, it’s still a sweet deal.

How long did it take to carve? And what bits did you use?


All i had in cherry for the inlay was 3/4" so i milled a pocket bigger than the inlay and cutout the bottom of the pocket to achieve a 3/8 thick inlay, used a 1/4 inch end mill (about 40minutes). Milled out another pocket in the walnut 3/8" deep for the inlay using same bit (another 40minutes). Roughed out the entire piece with 1/4" ball nose (about 20minutes) and finished with 1/16" ball nose (about 3.5hrs). The entire piece measured 9 x 14.

Quite a bit of work then ehh, but the results are awesome. I’m gonna try the this myself sometime

Thank you, made it as a christmas gift, i “think” they’re gonna like it :wink:

I just noticed that they have a 50% off sale from now until 1/10/18 https://www.stl3dmodel.com/

How big is the original carving? Looks great!!

9" x 14"

yeah, sorry…I see that in the post above now. I bought the STL file after seeing this but am having trouble getting carve times down to something like you posted. Thanks!

yeah, kinda burnt my rear on that one, needed only 1 file, and that file isnt included in the $200 catagory, sure wasnt gonna spend $300 on tons of files i couldn’t cut in my lifetime, so had to drop $65 and grabbed 2 for xmas presents.

How can i use this on my Carvey?

couldn’t tell ya, don’t own one myself, sorry

This is an awesome piece of work. Congrats.
One question springs to mind when I look at their prices, Quality.
Did you experience any issue with their quality? I’m new to cnc and “The Last Supper” happens to be one of my favorites. There are models out there costing plenty more, but economics is chewing on all of us. There are also a lot of sharks out there and as a newbie I don’t want everything that hangs being bitten off.
Greetings from Dark Africa.