HalfToner Project

Finally got around to trying this great software. Pic of my oldest.


How long did that take?

The pic was about 10" X 12" and took over 8 hrs using a 45Deg 1/8 dia. Vbit. Think I could have optimized settings better and cut down on the time some. Add in another hour for the rope border and it was a long carve…the longest I have done so far.

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Wow, I was thinking about trying this, but never mind. I don’t have that kind of patience and there is no way I could make enough money to cover the run time for that.

Very cool though


Wow that turned out nice.
I was going to work on trying out the software as well.
Keep up the nice work.
Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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If you use it in “Lines” mode it takes much less time, because there are no retracts. You can do “Dots” mode halftones in decent time, but you need a pretty fast Z. This was mine: