Hall Effect Limit/Homing Switches

I’ve searched the forum and read all the applicable threads but can’t seem to find exactly what I need - so hopefully someone can help me.

Does anyone have a circuit schematic diagram showing how you have successfully set up Hall Effect sensors as limit/homing switches for your X-Carve?

LimitSensor.sch.pdf (72.2 KB)

this is a hall sensor schematic if that is what you want.
It should work but I haven’t tested it yet. It is on my to-do list though.

some of the components aren’t that readily available though, but I ordered most of them on ebay.

I ordered parts a couple of weeks ago to design something similar. This method should work much better than the standard mechanical switches.


I am not sure if you want to make your own, but I bought magnetic hall effect switches from:

They are working great.

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I just got the ones from Kevin Patterson. Haven’t had time to install them yet, but they are professionally made and he also provides N45 magnets. For such a small cost, it is one of these cases when building your own might take longer or produce something of lesser quality or end up costing more (or all of the above). Unless of course you have the will and curiosity to experiment.

I also bought some limit sensors etc from Kevin Patterson, but haven’t actually built my machine as yet.

I looked at building myself some sensors, but the cost of the parts would probably have been more than just buying high quality items from Kevin. To be honest I kind of went mad when I ordered and bought the Sensor, and the Stepper breakout boards he sells too, but really I think it will be worth it in the long run. I shouldn’t have to worry about electrical noise, and it should tidy my wiring up a great deal.

I was going to include links to Kevins products on Tindie when I put up a build thread for my XCarve, but I am struggling with free time at the moment so I haven’t got round to it yet. His products are “production quality”, and his customer service is great.