Halloween Spiders

Got time to make a couple spiders before Halloween. Came out ok, need to find a good bit for cutting hardboard.



I love those! Are they your design, and if so, are you willing to share the project?

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Thanks! I would love to take credit but I needed a design fast, so I purchased the dxf/svg files from here http://www.makecnc.com/black-widow-spider.php
Took approx 58mins to cut with a 1/16" spiral upcut bit. Since this bit made a mess of the top edge, I don’t know if I would reccomend it. Once cutting was complete, I took my palm sander to the top surface and got rid of all the fuzzies before releasing the pieces.

I did try with an 1/8" bit, but my hardboard was just under .125 enough that it made for loose joints. The 1/16" bit did a much better job at creating tight joints, even still the legs are CA glued to the body.



Very cool. Looks like they turned out pretty good.