Halloween thoughts

I have been invited to join very good friend at their Halloween event in a couple,of weeks. I would like to make something for him and his wife with the x-carve and/or laser upgrade. They are really into Halloween and go all out each year to dress up their place as a haunted house. Unfortunately my imagination is not kicking in and my google searches for random Halloween themes is lacking for cnc ideas. i don’t want to remove the waste board and carve a pumpkin. I am looking for something that is carved in wood using the system as it is without major modifications. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

X-carve 1m x 1m
Dewalt dwp611
JTech 2.8w laser

Available Software: easel, vCarve pro, picengrave pro 5, Inkscape, trial version cambam, f-engrave, real old version of Photoshop

I have corian available for lithos and have enough time to buy a light kit for it if needed. I also have various pieces of wood but mainly cedar and pine. I can get other pieces if the project needed it.

Thank you!

Are you looking for stuff to contribute to the haunted house or just decorative stuff as a gift for them?

Are you going for PG scary or R scary?

Gravestones would be easy, especially if you use foam and then paint it.

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I was going to reply with exactly this. You could cut an awesome gravestone in about 6 seconds with that setup. Make a few different templates, and then personalize them for as many people as you can get names for off the guest list.

I am going for R scary, but a good PG scary would work I suspect.

Gravestones are ok and can be personalized pretty well. That family has Halloween as their favorite holiday of the year and they literally invest (not the right term but useful here) in details for their home. I am looking to provide them a gift. Not necessarily for thier haunted house, but something of a personal touch to provide them that is equally an awesome cnc product and just plain ‘neat’ for a halloween gift. I truly appreciate the thoughts so far.

I wonder if you could lithophane a scary skeletal face out of a dark color of corian into a fairly large panel, set up with backlight ability on a remote, and frame behind a small half-silvered mirror. So when someone looks in the mirror you could click the light on and something ‘in’ the mirror is looking back at them…

What with all the Android-controllable smart home light bulbs out there I’d think you could come up with the backlight pretty easily with a little research. The half-silvered mirror might be harder to source.

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Halloween is also my favorite Holiday. My first thought was tombstones too, but what about a gothic plaque that says “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here” - Dante? The guys on another thread are making very cool dinosaur skeletons, maybe you could find plans for a human one and do a life-sized version. Gothic gate/fence. Gargoyle silhouettes for on their roof. Kraken in the lawn.

Just an FYI - these are cheap and make a REALLY nice flickering light. We use them in our pumpkins now.


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How about some weatherproof/reusable versions of these?

I made some declarations hdpe plastic





Nice work JosephSmith

I want to attempt these coffins on a larger scale and install backlighting.

Should be pretty easy…grabbed some images off of google images…threw them into v-carve and came up with this in a couple of minutes…should be able to do it in any program. Spend a little more time finding better images and you will have exactly what you want.

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These are awesome! You should enter one of these into the Tip Jar Halloween Bounty!


Did anyone see this one?

They posted the project:

You can also use these so you don’t need the shelac.

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They did a great job with that!

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