Halloween thoughts

Linoleum block printing is super cool, and the fact that you can do two or three color stencils means the skulls can really pop! Has anyone every perused “Skull-A-Day”? Some great stencils on there. They can even be painted with glow in the dark puffy paint or reflective paint for munchkin safety. Hmmm…


P.S. Reminds me of the block printing exhibit at the British Museum. They showed all the blocks for Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” (which, BTW is already a very cool Project done with two-color HDPE.

I cut out 22 little pumpkins for my son’s kindergarten class party and spray painted them last night.

Apparently the kids loved decorating their own pumpkins during the party. I did learn something about safety though, don’t carry 22 pumpkins when your daughter’s skateboard is out…



Precedent setting! Be careful my man.

“Hey Rob… remember those pumpkins you made for the Halloween party?.. well, there is a {insert event name here} coming up and we all on the {insert name of committee here} thought you could demonstrate nuclear fusion.”

Nice work!


Thanks! I’ve told my wife that next time the party committee has to pay for materials unless I have enough scrap though

Fusion demonstrations are easy on sunny days. :smile:

vector file
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Always remember safety it could be scary otherwise!!!

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