Halloween Tombstones

I made a bunch of tombstones for Halloween.
Super easy and fun to make!

The Walking Dead!

Happy Halloween Skull

Batman Arkham

Some of the process:


These look amazing!!! You create the design in Inkscape and import it to easel?

They were all made in Easel.
I used the built in shapes for the text and objects. All the graphics I either found or converted into SVG’s (Cloud Convert) and imported into Easel. I didn’t bother using Inkscape.
The Edit node feature of Easel is pretty badass now. It makes it easier to simplify complex shapes; either move or completely delete unnecessary objects.

I used 1/4" and 1/16" end mills, using the two pass option and touch probe.

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what material is that? At first glance I thought renshape… which would be insanely expensive for this, then a second look I’m thinking pink insulation foam. If so, what did you coat with?

Correct, just insulation foam sheet.
I painted them with regular latex house and acrylic craft paint, then a light coating of clear gloss spray paint.
One has to go easy with the spray paint, otherwise the the foam starts to melt. Just enough to give some shine and protection.

  1. Carve
  2. A light hit with a heat gun to melt the fuzzies and soften the look
  3. Base coat of stone grey latex house paint
  4. Acrylic craft paint for the text and objects
  5. Touch Up
  6. Light coats of clear gloss spray paint

Things to try in the future:

  1. A water based sprayable clear coat / sealer for my HVLP sprayer
  2. A smaller craft paint sprayer for models etc…
  3. Different sheens of clear - matte vs. gloss
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awesome! thanks for the breakdown. one thing I did when using the insulation foam back in my design school days was to coat it with acrylic modeling paste.

the hvlp sprayer will be great for throwing the thicker stuff on. I really didn’t think throwing the foam on the mill would be practical but after seeing this and some others projects, I’m sold. real cheap way to run some test.