Hampden couple sells 'literary' cutting boards

Looks like they started with a simple concept which really took off thanks to a chance encounter with someone associated with Oprah. Looking at more of their work on their website, I’m guessing they are actually using a wiresaw or maybe a very fine scrollsaw.

Anyway… how would you approach this on the X-Carve? 1/16" downcut 2F bit?

Hampden couple sells ‘literary’ cutting boards

I would say one of the early problems is the ability to cut deep with such a small bit. Your depth of cut is not going to be near deep enough to cut a cutting boards thickness. Unless you are laminating multiple boards.

I seriously doubt it is a skill saw they are using but overall interesting I think this would be just about impossible with a cnc as said prior the depth of cut on a bit that could do that detail is minimal. I think it is also a pretty weak design who is chopping anything on the word surface…butcher block is already risky being a glue up once words are cut in gets weaker on certain areas as well.

Here’s a pic from the page:

… it’s a scroll saw.

A CNC-ish scroll saw would be a dream machine for a lot of projects.

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