Hanging edge light question

So plan on making a light for my daughter from a kids show.

Couple questions. I’ve looked on YouTube and this forum. I plan on making a shield with a pocket and this design will go on it.

  1. does light have to shine straight down on edge or can I pul them on top shining down or lining the inside to get the same effect?

  2. best bit used for a profile cut of a acrylic is an upcut? I have a .25

As long as the leds are lighting up any edge you will be okay.


As long as the light is on an edge of the Acrylic you are going to be fine, and yes upcut single flute. More flutes equal more problems IMO.


Awesome! Thanks for advice I’ll work on this over the next couple days. I’ll show the process. LED is coming in on Tuesday

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So everything went great except cutting the profile out. I’m gonna try and salvage this. I wanna cut around the shield. I tried using an upcut 2 flute with many passes and didn’t work. What can I use? Can a downcut flute work??

I don’t want to be that guy but if you search for cutting acrylic you’ll find tons of threads with info. Some have speeds feeds and types of bits

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Yeah after I posted I am searching. Just wanted to also show off my blunder.

You’ll like this. Whole time I had this from purchasing machine last year.


Well made some progress. Def single flute was so much better. Will read up on bases. My acrylic was .093 thick. I think I need thicker and should’ve left it in the square instead of cutting it out

I had a lot of chattering. I was using a 2 flute upcut and going 35ipm .010. I switched to a 1 flute and went .010 and had no issues at all. I think thicker acrylic will help also

Thank you though! I will read about that base tonight!

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