Hanging Keyhole

I made this a while ago in Fusion 360 and finally remembered to share it.
I know it’s something a lot of people could use and have tried to figure out how to make. Details are on the page. Hope it helps you out.

and here’s a link to the bit I designed it for.


I have a “pecking” version for Fusion 360 here if anyone wants to add to their keyhole options.

There is also the Keyhole app in Easel


Well that’s new.

Tried to download file and it is not shared publicly. If that was you intent, that’s ok

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Sorry should be public now.

Has anyone used the easel key app?

I tried it the other day and it did not cut a keyhole. I searched and found Phil Johnson and used his.


I have, but I am also the one that created the app.
If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to reach out.

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I tried it the other day Sean and it just cut a pocket in the wood. No keyhole.

@WayneHall were you using a keyhole bit?

The “Depth” in the app and the “Depth per pass” in cut settings should be the “Channel Depth” for your bit (see image) + the desired height of the shoulder.
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I understand that but it just started on the top and worked back and forth and cut a pocket. And yes i was using a keyhole bit.

It sounds too me like maybe the depth wasn’t set deep enough.

All the app does is create a tool path that plunges down to the set depth, moves the desired cut length (with some pecking) then exits the same spot that it plunged in at.

@WayneHall In your cut settings, you need to set the depth per pass to whatever the depth was for the keyhole in the keyhole app.


Your right i thought it was preset and could not be changed. I will try that next time.

What depths are you guys using successfully? I have not played with this, but I am definitely intrigued now. I am ready to stop doing them by hand.

I would go 1/4 to 3/8". you need to play with it a bit and that also depends on the thickness of your material.

I’ve got a 3/4" piece of pine on the table that I will use. The default on the app is .1875". Would this be a good depth for a 3/4" board, or should I start with .25"?

You can start with that. Use a scrat piece and make sure you can line things up where you need it and run that. If you don’t feel it is deep enough change the setting and run it again.

Does it matter which bit is selected when running the job? Currently, I have it set on the 60 degree v-bit.