Has anybody tried useing EFL CNC yet?

You tube just had a video on my homepage of this in action. It seems pretty simple. I believe it is Windows only, but it looks like it is completely stand alone. Might be another nice tool to have in reserve. I’m not sure what file types it takes, but I’m guessing just standard g-code.


I couldn’t remember, and didn’t do the research, as to weather it uses the same pin locations as ours do, but that is something I would suggest double checking before trying.

Not updated since June 2014. Maybe a little old software now?

Or, it could be December 2014?
In Norway we use dd/mm/yyyy format :smile:

The contact info says California, USA, so I think it would be mm/dd/yyyy, but that still puts it at almost a year since it was updated. That being said, if it works for what he wants, he may not see a reason to mess with it.

I just thought it was A.) interesting that it popped up in my YouTube feed, and B.) another possible non internet connected option for some.

My daily driver is a Macbook, so I have not tried it yet, although if others have a good experience, I might try it on one of my other computers.

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I had contacted him to post on the Shapeoko forum awhile back and he did trying to get people to try his software.
He seemed to be responsive to emails if you have questions.
I do not use his software at the moment but it did what it needed to do.