Has anyone added a feed speed control knob?

I’m just getting started with my X-Carve and I’m already finding myself wanting a feed rate control knob like the ‘big name’ machines do. It would be so much easier to just twist a knob to reduce my feed rate rather than having to essentially reprogram everything. Case in point: I modeled up a piece with MDF using fast feed rates because it’s MDF. Once satisfied, I transferred the design to oak, which is obviously much harder than MDF. It would be super easy to just leave the feed rates alone in the program and just dial down a knob to taste during the actual operation instead of trying to guestimate, revisit, test again, tweak a bit more, etc… I haven’t researched this at all yet - just wondering if anyone’s done this or not.

Use the grbl 1.1f Firmware. It has feedrate override.

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I’m not sure which version my X-Carve came with (just ordered it a month ago), but I’ll have to check that out and see if I can wire it up to a knob on my control box.

You don’t need a knob. Some gcode streamers such as our PicSender has buttons to change the feedrate on the fly when using the grbl 1.1 firmware.



A knob would be super useful. I use it all the time on 3d printing.

It is called Super-PID

It is possible to do this, but it would require some changes to grbl 1.1f

One way to do it would be to reassign the functionality of pin A3 and A4.

You could use pin A3 and A4 as analog inputs for feed rate over ride knob and spindle speed over ride knob.

You would lose the functionality of Coolant and Mist control (M7, M8, and M9).