Has anyone homed to x-max?

Is it possible to change the x home position to the x-max position. I get the end switch needs to be moved. Is there any way to adjust it in the firmware?

You can change the direction of the homing motion by changing $23 in Grbl. I haven’t done this so I don’t know what it does to your co-ordinate system.

Why? Just curious about your request.
I set $23 so I home to the bottom right (X0/Y0) of my Shapeoko2.

Edit: Should get new glasses (and brain meds). :grinning: I meant bottom LEFT.

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I mostly use the front of my machine and I always have to move the gantry out of the way when I am clamping down my material. So if I have the gantry move to the back of the machine after my job it is one less step for me. I still want x0 y0 at the front left. Will $23 keep that setting? I am trying to make home x800 (or whatever it actually is) y0

No, not if you change the homing direction. When you home the machine the “homed” location becomes Machine Zero.

You can leave homing alone and use G28/G28.1 or G30/G30.1 to move your gantry out of the way after a carve.

Search for G28 and you will find threads that talk about G28.