Has anyone made a 3D printer with leftover maker slide

I’ve upgraded from a 500x500 xcarve to a 1000x1000 xcarve THEN I updated to the one piece y axis. Needless to say… I have pretty good stock of leftover makerslide.(with about four leftover nema 17s)
Seems like a 3d printer would be the way to go

Wondering if anyone has use their leftovers to make a 3d printer.

Looks like there is an ORDbot hadron that seems to work… anyone done this one? Got a build log?
Any others based off of makerslide?

I’m currently working on a design.

awesome! I’d love to hear some info on it when you get a moment.

I figured I’d end up buying a ramps electronic kit off of ebay and start with that and the Ordbot wiki: http://www.buildlog.net/wiki/doku.php?id=ord_bot:the_ord_bot

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There’s a fully 3d-printed 3d printer on Thingiverse, perhaps you could sub the printed slides (at least I think they are) with your surplus, then use shapeways, or a friend to print the other parts for you…

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I’ve had an Ord Hadron for a bit over 3 years and it’s a very good printer.
I’ve made a few modifications such as fitting ACME threaded rods for the Z axis (original was 8mm threaded rod) and ‘anti wobble’ nuts to remove any Z-axis side to side movement. Lots of mods detailed on thingiverse.
The CAD drawings are available on the buildlog.net website for cutting out on your X-Carve.

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Did a little more research… now I’m leaning towards a Delta design due to the fact that I have three 1000mm makerslide rails. and I could use the Xcarve to make bases.

Here’s one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:31889

here’s another that uses linear bearings but could probably be modded to use the maker slide. Bonus that the creator uses cnc’d parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua2QKV8V234

I already have a 3d printer. (I actually have 2)
So my extra parts will go to a 500x500 machine for small stuffs.