Has anyone managed to get a third party grbl controller to work?

I’m fine with easel so far, but I was hoping to use something more precise.

I’m not sure what the controller would have to do with your issue. Most folks who use Easel seem to think it works fine for what they do.

Having said that, I will tell you that I use VCarve and UGS for nearly all of my work. VCarve is an excellent drawing CAD/CAM program and UGS sends commands to my CNC just fine.

I’ve tried using Easel, and while impressive, I have been pretty frustrated with it. As for UGS I tried it without success.

I use three different ones.
Easel, UGS and GWizardE. Depending on what I am doing. Wizard will not send the Gcode but is a fantastic editor, it shows you just what the tool is going to do and where and it finds errors before they are problems.
This is still a young part of CNCs for hobbyists and relatively speaking the software is still developing.
Code is easy to write (it is for me because I have been writing it for a long time) but can be hard to troubleshoot.
UGS has some good points and some bad, overall I like it because I can MDI easily and make adjustments to the Arduino without a lot of hoops to jump through.
The GWizard has a trial to try and with UGS you might like it.

Can you elaborate on what was not successful with UGS?

Sure when I connect to the Carvey, I get this in the console output:

**** Connected to COM8 @ 115200 baud ****

gCarvin 1.1.5 [’$’ for help]
GrblFeedbackMessage{message=’[’$H’|’$X’ to unlock]’, distanceMode=‘null’, units=‘null’}

But aything after that, if I try to send a command, it just has a dialog pop up that says:

grbl has not finished booting

Hi Bill
Which cnc are you milling on? X-carve? Carve?

Hey @ClaytonBratt

Have you managed to fix this now?
I also would like a solution outside of Easil to drive Carvey


Estlcam can work with GRBL compatible hardware:

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I have been able to connect directly to the Carvey with Putty and feed it gcode commands directly. I was working on a simple Processing sketch that would take a nc file and feed the file to the machine line by line. But I’m going to look at estlcam from below.


I built a Shapeoko 2 a year ago, which is essentially the same as the XCarve.