Has anyone modeled the 1000mm X-Carve in Fusion 360?

I found a few threads about a sketchup model, has anyone converted it to fusion 360? Thanks!

I must be missing it. I thought I had seen it before but I can’t find it now. I seem to remember every single part was modeled as well.

found it via google:


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welp, nevermind, it seems these are the older model.

if you follow the links on which model you want to view you can see the 3D stp file for that machine. click on assembly instructions then click on the link listed as such.

The X-Carve is open source hardware. We have 3D models and drawings available in a GrabCAD repository here.

you can do this for the new model as well as the older model (500x500 or 1000X1000).