Has anyone thought of a battery backup for X Carve

Hey, just thought I would pass this on. I live in an area that has it’s share of blackouts. I got to thinking that is I was in the middle of a carve and lost power I would be upset. So I decided to add a battery backup system to my X Carve setup. The X Carve and Dewalt 611 pulls only 132- 135 watts while in a carve. My UPS system can handle over 800 watts. So I have found that is the lights do go off, I can still carve for an hour on the UPS system, just might be able to finish the carve with that amount of backup power. Just a thought. Let me know your thoughts.

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I’ve considered it, but I can’t afford the cost. You’ve also got to keep in mind that the batteries in UPS’s need to be replaced every few years, that decent sized ones need some cooling, and that they shouldn’t be exposed to dust or fumes. If you can provide a good environment for it though, I don’t see a reason not to use it.

I will say that after a minor blackout, a minute or so, due to blowing a breaker. And then plunging the dewalt through the waste board. I added a battery backup to my setup.

I had the line overloaded with the dust collector and the xcarve. It would make the desktop reset. Now it does not. But then again, ran a new 20 amp line to my workbench. So we’re all good now.

I as well have installed an UPS on my X-Carve and desktop computer to eliminate any power issues while carving a several hour project. The UPS size is dependent on how much power insurance you need or how much your willing to spend. It’s a quick and simple machine upgrade.

Assuming you have an X-Controller, or have added a pause (forgot term) button to your GRBL controller, you could probably maintain the PC and the controller for MANY hours with the spindle off while you wait for power to be restored, versus running the spindle and hoping to finish before the batteries died…

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Plus, now you have several hours of backup power onsite and ready in the event that the power goes out and you are not carving. If it’s out for an extended time you have onsite stored power that you can use for (emergency) radio, charging telephones or other essentials.

Having atleast 1 UPS onsite is a generally good idea! even the batteries are consumables every 3 yrs…

What a fantastic idea Jeff!!!