Has anyone tried 3+ Stage cutting?

What I mean by this is doing a normal 2 Stage Cut, but after you run the detail pass, change the roughing bit to the detail bit you just ran and your detail to the next increment. Something like | R = 1/4 > D = 1/8 | then | R = 1/8 > D = 1/16 |. Would this provide any sort of speed bonus as opposed to using a roughing bit of 1/4 or 1/8 and a detail bit of 1/16?

I have done this multiple times on a few projects. Can’t say that it saves anymore time, it does give you more of a chance for error though.

I performed it with 1/8", 1/16", and 1/32" bits.

I have a feeling that this being beneficial is completely related to the given workpiece. Some workpieces it may speed things up where as others it may slow you down. It is do-able, but will take some tinkering and does not guarantee better results.

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