Has anyone tried upgrading to RM2ZZ steel v wheels?

SO I am am really hating the plastic V-wheels. Especially on the z axis.

After the x and y stiffing mod the only play I have is in the z axis from the v-wheels. We’re not talking .001" play, I am talking like .032"! all from the V-Wheels.

SO… after seeing the deflection in the V-Wheels, I was thinking of goign to steel wheels or the Openbuilds V-Wheels., but seeing as they are the same price, why go with plastic?

The RM2ZZ are 22.25mm and the x-carve wheels are 23mm, I am thinking the eccentrics have enough eccentric to make up .75mm


I have not tried the steel wheels, but whenever the topic comes up here the general consensus seems to be that the steel wheels would damage the aluminum makerslide.

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So I should go with the openbuild V-wheels instead? They look much stronger.

To to be honest they price of maker slide is worth it if I can cut make exact cuts… well at least with in .005"

What v-wheels are you talking about here?

I just installed 12 Openbuilds metal v-wheels on my 500mm X-carve. What a difference. I have been cutting 6061 and 7075 AL for our First robot team and have not been happy with the precision on 7075. Did the stiffing mods on X and Y still had precision problems unless I went painfully slow. Even then a press fit bearing hole was a hit or miss. The problem was torsional on the z and x axis. This is from the Delrin wheels not Maker slide. I replaced all the Delrin wheels on the x and z axis. Also, added eccentric spacers. What a difference. This is more like what I expected from the machine. Of course I’m a fool for doing this. Conventional wisdom is that I will destroy the maker slide. If that happens I’ll replace it. Or if it happens to often I’ll put out the bucks for metal rail. So far I have more than 20 hour of run time with metal wheels and no sign of wear. I have the wheels very tight and the movement is so much smoother than the delrin. So, I say try it you’ll like it.


You got different V wheels than I did. Mine have a steel bearing and a black hard plastic material (maye delrin) V Wheel.

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Thanks GaryDeaver, that the information I was looking for.

One more question,
Were the OpenBuild V-Wheel a direct replacement?

If you read up on the material properties, Delrin seems the best choice for the V-wheels on aluminum rails.

If you’re having that much movement, most likely the problem is out-of-spec wheels, precision spacers/washers, or maybe a bad lot of bearings.

Adding an additional pair of wheels for the Z-axis may help as well, but is a bit finicky to set up.

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I’m actually just upgrading in a different way. I’ve ordered in some eccentric spacers and longer screws from OpenBuilds, and I’m going to do away with those ****ing eccentric nuts. I’m tired of fidgeting with them, having them come loose, etc.

The spacers are used in my MendelMax printer, and they took about a tenth as long to get perfectly adjusted, and with the big locknuts, I’m sure they’re NOT going to randomly come loose again!


mine are delrin as well

Yeah, Delrin seems to be preferred to steel. I am fuzzy on the details but it is the same reason why a Delrin nut is used on the acme thread.
Openbuilds makes an upgraded harder plastic wheel, with less compression issues, but that is for their upgraded V-Slot system (where the wheel runs in the slot as opposed to a raised edge.)
If you were thinking of going that route I would recommend just replacing the whole Z axis with a C beam kit. (Something I have been thinking about doing)

They have a V-wheel design compatible with MakerSlide as well, in the “Extreme Solid” polycarbonate wheels. It’s out of stock right now, but they’re used on the MendelMax as well as the “C-beam” type wheels.

@DanBrown If you are talking about this:

I don’t believe they are actually “V”. They are more like a regular wheel.
Unfortunately OpenBuilds calls all the wheels , V Wheels.
The Delrin wheel is the only one that can ride ON the V slot, verse IN the rail.

“This wheel has a double v shape that allows for it to ride on the V-Slot™ as well as the OpenRail™”

Was there another wheel? It definitely would be awesome if they had one that road on MakerSlide!

Since they call them all V Wheels it is very confusing. I almost made a similar post till I did re-read OpenBuilds description, and looked at the photos.

There IS a version that runs on makerslide, they just don’t have it available in their store right now. I think it’s just sold out. I can take pictures of them actually in use on my MendelMax printer, they are the same profile as the Delrin wheels, just in the polycarbonate.


Here’s the point in the instructions where they’re used. http://www.manula.com/manuals/maker-s-tool-works/mendelmax-3-assembly-guide/1/en/topic/bed-assembly-part-1

@DanBrown That is awesome! Thanks for information.

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Hey, no problem! Those are on my short list for X-Carve upgrades. I’m more or less just watching the store until they come back in. :smiley:

Hi Everyone @WillAdams is correct they are Delrin. The Delrin wheels have performed better than many people expected. Also they are relatively inexpensive compared to steel so replacements are not a big shock to the pocketbook. I have never needed to replace any on the machine at my house.

We have tried steel wheels on both anodized and hardened MakerSlide but we did not have success. The steel wears away the aluminum. Some people have bolted on steel rails but I haven’t tried that.

With regards to the eccentric nuts we have some updates coming that we aren’t totally ready to announce yet.

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Darn glad to hear that one, Zach. They’re by far the worst part of the X-Carve design, IMO. Right next to that original spindle. lol Regular eccentric spacers and nylocks are a TON better, if you’re going the eccentric route. One more piece in the parts count, but worth every cent. I’ve spent more time fiddling with those ****ing things, trying to get them both correctly adjusted AND tight…

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Before I went to steel wheels, I contacted Openbuilds about the availability of the dual polycarbonate wheels they show on their web site. They would be a direct replacement fot the X-carve wheels. My thought was polycarb would be better. They responded that the dual v-wheels where discontinued. They had stress cracking problems. The polycarb wheels they have are not for maker slide. So everyone tells me steel on Al doesn’t work. That my rail is going to be destroyed. I Have about 30 hours run time on 6061T6 and Some very tough 7075 plate. There is no sign of wear. I’m getting some very precise cuts at speed that were impossible with Delrin wheels. So I’m a happy fool waiting for the demise of my maker slide.