Has anyone used one of these end mills?

It looks rather interesting.
Do I get a clean top edge and a clean bottom edge at the same time?

That is the theory behind a compression bit. The bottom part is upcutting while the top is downcutting so it leaves a clean edge on both sides. I’ve not used one but I think there’s some folks here that have.

While I have not used this specific one …
this one is my go-to bit for ply:

I just posted about this in another thread:

Very interesting.
I just ordered one so we will see what happens.

I actually have some New Niagara Carbide Titanium 4 flute End Mills I am looking to sell. I have 5 Niagara N85742 ( 3/4 x 2 1/4 x 5" long) and 4 of the Niagara N85730. All 9 Are new and in their original cases.