Has anyone used Onshape 3d program?

I just heard about this program, was wondering if anyone else knows anything or has tried it?

I’ve used it a bit, it’s pretty restrictive on the free version. Not in the sense of modeling, but that you can only have 5 projects active at a time. I started playing with AutoDesk 123D design instead, and seems similar if not better.

I’ve done some work with it. As Rusty says they restrict the free version to the point that it is hard to build anything with a lot of parts. Currently you can have 10 documents and the size of all 10 can not exceed 100mb.
If you want to go Pro it will cost you $100.00 per month but no restrictions.

It is a good CAD program and has some very good features. Only problem is file size limits for free users.

Ariel, WA

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Autodesk’s Fusion 360 is far better, many many more features, and if you are an Enthusiast it’s free. Better double check all the Licensing Stuff to be 100% sure. No limitation of files. If you do pay, I think it’s $40.00 per month

I’ve been using it for a while. The software is very good if you have experience with a parametric modeler (like SolidWorks or Creo (ProE)) you can pick it up quickly. The restrictions only apply to “private” documents. If you are okay with your documents being “public” then the limit is removed. The assumption is if you want your documents private you probably are a business and therefore would be willing to pay, if you are a hobbyist it remains free (although I think there is a maximum amount of storage you can use). The real benefit is it runs in a browser or on a tablet (Android and iOS) so you can access it from anywhere. I’ve just started playing around with getting files into Easel if anyone has any advice on this I would love to hear it!

I just discovered a free add-on for OnShape that will create toolpaths called Kiri:Moto
It will even act as the gcode sender for Grbl. Has anyone used it?