Has anyone would you build a plasma kit in upcoming days for XC

Hi, I am watching since long time and not get any good results a lot of tech guys engineers here is it possible to make a low power plasma kit for XC to cut thin metals (guage steel) it is very useful future tool for me if made success. Because metal cut machines are too expansive to buy in market. Now XC have also an option for upgraded with acme screw axis.

Thankyou for reading

Hi Phil. many thanks to reply my question actually my english is bit limit

I am looking here sources to get whole setup kit like professional machines do job. maybe like Jtech release their kit for add Laser.

add a external plug to the plasma cutter that ties into the trigger activation then connect to relay that controls the spindle

If you have a pilot arc system make sure you have shielding in place for electromagnetic interference. I have the eastwood plasma 60 and every time it strikes and arc it nocks the USB offline. got it to work some with extreme grounding. but it really came down to the USB port is so easily killed.

EDIT: shout out to @ShaneBell for the plasma torch mount files. works like a champ.


Anyone would you please explain how to wiring if want to try Pilot arc torch for plasma cutting because pilot arc start without touching the material if we hook wiring for relay of spindle it will start while start the job.
I want to know it should be on/off while cutting if down start if lift up should be stop. I think similar like laser