Has inventables bought over suck-it?

Hey guys . I have tried contacting Suck-it via their website and facebook a few times but got no reply. I see Robosavvy and inventables sell the kit but it has the hose and support bars for the hose and earthing kit and cost over €200. Has Inventables bought them over or can anyone tell me how I can just get the boot and brackets.

No, I was afraid to because I got no response from the msgs. …

Not to worry, they are still in business.
I was in contact with Jenn just recently.
You wont be disappointed with their product.

Super. I might give them a try later after the Irish soccer match :wink:
Thanks for that.

Pretty sure they’re still in business. I ordered one just a couple of weeks ago.

Got an email from Jenn today. You’re fine.

Thanks everyone. Going to order one tonight.
@BrianStone Did you get yours already?

Not yet, but the e-mail said it could be about 3-weeks to ship. I ordered it on Nov. 2nd, I think. Still about a week before I expect it to be on its way.

Cool. I might have it before Xmas so. Thanks for the fast reply.