HATS OFF to the ENTIRE INVENTABLES TEAM! Great Work and work to Come!

Dear Inventables Team;
Thanks so much for all your work on the X-Carve. I cannot even imagine the efforts it must have taken to organize the task of beating your deadline, maintaining excellent customer service, and product support. I had a blast assembling my machine. Being one of the first in the main ordering group to get the kit, I expected to have some confusion with parts, assembly etc., especially being new to CNC. These issues were TINY and I was able to work through everything so far with your teams help and the help of the great people in this forum. If you look at the big picture your team did a fantastic, accurate, and near perfect job! What few tiny issues came up during my assembly have been shared to help improve future customer experiences but these were very few and very minor. I know I could have never pulled off what your team is doing. Keep the greatness, you inspire us makers so very much.