Have you added a file system to the PRO?

Like one other Canadian has mentioned earlier, thats $25 a month to Vcarve. I think that is what Adobe and Autodesk charge isn’t it? Fusion is free too.

Fusion 360, if you’re paying for it, is $40/month, or comes down to $25/m if you prepay for a year. For other products, Autodesk charge many moneys. The more comparable (in that its CAD/CAM for 2.5D art type stuff) to Easel is ArtCam. ArtCAM Standard is $45/month.

There is no file system/different organisation stuff in Easel Pro

The TRS-80, CPM, MS-DOS all had file systems. Easel?

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EP uses the same as E, in that you have a list of projects and thats it. Currently the only way that you can organise stuff is having a project with multiple pages.

I’d much prefer a folder system, though I suppose tags could be passable

I really don’t understand why there has not been a file system added lol this has been a hot topic for years!!

kinda crazy I wonder if its hard to do on the back end or something

I have well over 200 projects I think on there I cant do anything with lol

Agree Paul but I am only a hobbyist, so Fusion is free and also works with the raspberry pi. I can carve 2.5 and 3D with Fusion.

FWIW I’m not defending one or the other, was just addressing the cost & question in the title :slight_smile:

As it is, there is no single perfect software for all situation. I love Fusion 360 for the CAD stuff, and the CAM stuff works too… except if you’re doing “art” instead of a “functional” type carving. I recently carved some of my wifes artwork in my panels in desks I built - ended up being something like 500 vector. Fusion 360, while in CAM, does not have select all. I would have manually had to select each pocket, but it simply exploded after the 12th or so.

Cut2D had the g-code generated in the time it took to just setup the CAM in Fusion, let alone selecting objects!

Doing a 3D carving with ball nose bits? Fusion wins easily.

Have a 1000mm XCarve, and want to do 2.5D VCarving but don’t want to shell out for VCarve Pro? It’s a very cheap option to at least try out.

Each have their pros and cons.

How does this post address the question in the title? Doesn’t say anything about a file system.

My first post that you already responded to.

There is no file system/different organisation stuff in Easel Pro

You know I really love my xcarve 1500. I am not doing artsy stuff, I have too much engineer in my blood. I cant believe that there is a $25 step change for Vcarving, check the differences chart at Inventables.

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One other thing, I am into 3d Printing as well. So I am additive manufacturing and subtractive manufacturing in my own little way. Thats why Fusion 360 is so good. I do one or the other by selecting either of 2 tabs in Fusion. To me its like designing something, putting it into CAD and then deciding, do I 3dPrint (additive) or CAM (subtractive) or with Fusion do a little of each. That is like, make a 3D print and then Carve it. I am retired from the aircraft engine business, mostly in manufacture. I wish I was 25 today. Endless possibilities.
Mind you, still no File system in either versions of Easel!

Hi Roger,

Just to clarify you can do v-carving 4 days a month for free in Easel Pro.

I agree that’s one of the things that’s great with Fusion, plus they’ve recently added laser/waterjet support - I’ve got an X-Carve, 3D printer, and a cheap K40 laser so I can design a single project in Fusion that has parts made on each.

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