Having issues with this.... work paths seem to have changed

Hello, i am still new to all this and have been having this issue today. making this for a client and the work/tool paths have changed. also added a bunch of crap to it that doesn’t make any sense. I’ve done this same design before and no issues. you can look around the star and see the issue with the V bit comes into play.

The extra outline around the texas and carving inside the star. it doesn’t carve all the areas that are “black”. it is really odd.

I understand that, however, they are actually carving into my material when it is carving. there is obviously something wrong… i will show you pictures of what it is suppose to look like and how it is actually coming out.

You can see the difference and the extra carves. Again this just started happening yesterday and is not normally how this turns out.

HUH? what does that mean? I guess I’m making this up and everything is normal. thanks for your help.

I haven’t had ANY problems until this carve and things have seemed different with how it carves. again, I’ve done this exact same cave a few other times and now it is different all of a sudden… it is not carving everything out when using the v bits. ugh, this is frustrating. I sense sarcasm and since I don’t know everything and very new to this, I am trying to get help. and not really getting that. thanks again.

I will look into that as well. I am saying something has changed. again, there are added paths that are carving into the material that was never there before. and again, the parts that are suppose to be carved out, like the line separating the flag parts and the finer detail on the bottom of the state are not carved out, just outlined. if I change the bits to a normal instead of a v bit, it looks normal.

its not that i didn’t appreciate your help, it seemed very vague in your response. thank you