Having star problems

all of the sudden my stars on my Union are not coming out even and Crisp like they used to any suggestions of what’s going on . Thank you

What changed? Dull bit, different wood, what is happening?

I am using your star pattern some stars are coming out perfect other stars are coming out fatter not crisp lines same wood

It looks like the union at the bottom is higher than the top where you have it clamps.

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I’ll check it thank you

Yes, the bit is cutting deeper on the stars at the bottom of the Union compared with those at the top. Your workpiece may not have uniform thickness or it may not be clamped level with the bed or your machine may have a bit of flex in the gantry.

I’m not sure how you solve this in your part of the country, but here is St. Louis we typically go for a class action suit against Stan Kroenke.