Having trouble carving exact measurments

hey guys.

so i’m trying to cut out a 3" x 3" square on the machine and its coming out about 1/16" smaller on both axis’

the belts are good and tight
v-wheels aren’t too tight
even bumped the pots up

not sure what the cause is, but due to the nature of the projects i need them to be exact measurements

any ideas or help would be appreciated.
thanks again guys.

oh and yes i’m setting the cut to cut the outside of the line.

Have you calibrated your steps?


yup just calibrated, ran another pass, still about 1/16" small. I used calipers and measured the bit to make sure the size even though it shouldn’t matter since it should be cutting outside the line.

If a lot of the bit is sticking out of the collet, the bit may be flexing (runout)…more prevalent with smaller bits. It doesn’t have to flex much to make a noticeable difference…on the square it only needs to flex 1/32" to make a 1/16" difference from side to side.

Try having as little of the bit protrude as necessary then try a larger bit if you can.

I’ve done the calibration twice on both axis, and it is spot on from what i’m seeing. even with entering the correct bit size i’m still consistently 1/16" out on both axis.

it’s a 1/8" but its measuring at a size of 1.225"

Can you export the Gcode and post it for the square? You can calculate what the actual Gcode is saying to do.

Haha sorry Phil I meant to say .1225

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