Having trouble finding a tutorial about setting up auto spindle on/off in universal gcode sender

hello, I have got a solid state relay basically the same as the inventables one with the heat sink.
ive got it wired up etc etc. but I’m new to the world of coding and I cant seem to find a tutorial on how to get universal g code sender to turn spindle on/off automatically…
I have found a few comments saying you have to input something in the header and at the end, or just people giving the number you have to enter, but I’m not sure what to do exactly. I think I have a good idea though.
I currently have a 1000mm with nema 23, x controller, and have the nightly build of ugcs aswell as the newest version before that.

if anyone could point me to a good link with good explanation of where to input things and if it needs to be in a certain order etc I would be forever grateful!!!

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Thank you for the reply Phil…
Problem is, that doesn’t mean much if you don’t understand where to put it in!! where do I enter that?
Typically I load my file to universal gcode sender, set my home position, manually turn spindle on, and hit send.
Do I enter that code somewhere along these steps???

I’m sure it’s crazy easy when u have done it before, but I have not, and like I mentioned, i just can’t seem to find an actual example of how to do this.

Just simply saying to put m3 s12500 doesn’t tell much to someone who hasn’t done this before and that’s what I’m having a hard time with.

I’m sure when I figure it out, I won’t believe how easy it is though.

Are you or someone able to take a screen shot of where you enter this into? I’ve searched and searched but maybe google doesn’t like the way I type because I can’t find any auto on/off tutorials for COMPLETE dummies lol
I’ve figured a lot out on my own with this stuff but I dunno, this simple task just has me stumped.

Ok so I just took what u said about being in the code and not the sending program and I opened the gcode file itself…
It opened a window with all the lines and lines of code…
Do I simply just go to the very first line and type the m3 s1250 exactly like that
And then go to the end of the code and type m5
And that would be all I do?

That’s what I gather from the info I’ve read so far.

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Typically you would have the post processor of your CAM program issue these commands so that you don’t have to edit the G-code file each time you do a new project.

What program are you using to create your G-code?

That’s good to know also about the reply thing. Iev never been one to use forums until I got the x carve, so hopefully I post things In The right places also lol
Thanks for the help, I’ll give that a try!

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So far I as basic as it gets lol I have been using easl for the very basic things, and f-engrave I use most. lately I’ve been doing a lot of trials with the halftoner program, and that’s really all I’ve had time for as I have t had the machine very long.

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most g-code generators have the ability to add start and end G-code