Having trouble moving machine

hi yesturday i started my machine up and logged into easel as i have done for weeks but yesturday it kept saying machine needs to be homed to be unlocked i cannot remember how i did it last time please help me get carving again many thanks
bryan robbins

Make sure the Emergency Stop button is pulled up, if you hit it you need to twist and pull. If that’s good restart your computer and make sure the printer cable is plugged into the computer and XController.

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It sounds like maybe you had homing turned OFF in the past and now easel pushed new GRBL settings to your machine and this activated homing again, does this sound correct?

IF so, turning homing back off is done by changing $22 to 0 this can be done in Machine>General Settings>Machine inspector.

IF you have any other operational anomalies, then easel most likely also changed all of your settings to the defaults for the new upgrades as well, you would want to perform a new “Machine Setup” and select the 3rd photo, the one labeled “X-Carve Advanced” and then select your machines features manually. IF you want to go in and verify that all of the settings are put back to defaults, here are all of those defaults listed out for your reference.

Hi many thanks for your help I have opened up the machine inspector and tried the homing switches they both worked and lit in green but the z didn’t what should I do I’m very new to this thank you Bryan

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You can remove the connectors off the back of the z switch and touch them together, if the z button turns green then, but won’t when they are plugged to the switch then the switch has failed.

If this is the case they are a few bucks on Amazon, just search “limit switch” and find one that looks the same and you can double check the mounting hole spacing to make sure it’ll fit properly.

Hi thank you for your help yes I’ve checked that and restarted it but the same problem thank you anyway

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Did you get it working ?
If not take some pictures and add more detail to you problem and someone may recognize it as a problem they had and be able to help
Worth a shot!!

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