Having trouble setting up and carving Round Tops

Is there anyone that has a tutorial video on how to set up and carve on Round tops having a very difficult time getting it right any help is greatly appreciated…

If you are talking about carving something into an object that is rounding upwards in the Z-Axis, as in domed up from the the waste board, you will need to send the G-Code through separate software that can probe the surface and manipulate the G-Code and either save the manipulated G-Code to file or operate the X-Carve from the new G-Code.

Easel cannot currently account for any Z-Axis height differences across the surface plane of the stock material.


Brandon Parker

Are you talking about carving on a piece of stock that is a circle? Like a round tabletop?

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I find is best to use one of many geometry methods to find center of the round and then use this method to use the center as the origin.