Having trouble with assembly. (Belting)

Hi, I am having trouble understanding the belting assembly directions. It seems to call for less hardware than it appears to need. The instructions only call for 4 m5 lock nuts, which it shows that they are used for the last stepper motor. So where are these lock nuts im supposed to use for the belt tensioning brackets?

Just looked at the new X-Carve instructions and I see that in the supply list they only list 4 M5 nylon lock nuts and then they state that you need 3 M5 nylon lock nuts on the M5-25mm bolts to use as tensioning nuts. then futher down they state that you need 4 M5 lock nuts on the Z-Axis motor to install. SO the directions (supply list) should have listed 7 M5 lock nuts as this is what they use when assembly of these two items.

P.S. my older X-carve listed the belting and Z-Axis motor separate to clarify.

@Zach_Kaplan I do not know how to update the instructions as I do not have a git-hub account. but this is something you might want to look into.

@JohnHayes can you please help?

Thanks for pointing that out @KennethConnell and apologize for the confusion. The bill of materials on the belting section has been updated with the correct number of M5 lock nuts.

The new X-Carve has only the NEMA 23 option, which means there’s only one set of motor mounting hardware and it’s now included in the Core Components kit. Those original 4 nuts were intended to be used with the stepper motors.

Feel free to contact us directly if you see anything else that needs to be changed, and we’ll take care of it! Thanks again!

Seems like this is resolved, so went ahead and set the thread to auto-close 48hrs after the latest post, in case there’s anything else that needs to be addressed or contributed. Just FYI.


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