Having trouble with filling an object

I am trying to cut the shape of a police badge into a plaque. I traced an actual badge with a pen onto paper. I then scanned that image onto my computer and did a path trace on it, before exporting it as an svg. I can import the image into my workspace without issue. I can NOT however, figure out how to set it to fill. I intend to put the actual badge recessed into the plaque. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Easy way= would be to search google or your favorite using “police badge silhouette” and see if any filled image matches your need. Sometimes searching for “svg police badge” can produce good results. Even posting what you have to the forum can bring good results. There are those who like to help.

Of course, different search terms can yield different results.

Actually, I tried something real quick and it worked. Import your shape as usual. Once the shape has been rendered on your easel canvas, use the “shape exploder” app; the one with the grenade. This should get you the results your are looking for. Just delete the shape you don’t want.

Hope this works…

Michael, thank you very much. I tried all of the above before posting. The only difference was… Yesterday, I used Exploder to import my image. That did not work. After reading your post just now, I selected the image of the badge on my workspace and ran Exploder on that. BOOM. Much appreciated.


Glad it worked. Happy carving!

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