Having trouble with V-Carve inconsistencies doing letting

I have been using this same font and 60 degree v-bit to complete other signs, but for some reason it is starting to get this wobble on the top and bottom of the lettering when carving. I originally had the feed rate at 45mm but reduced it to 26mm to see if it was a feed rate issue and the problem is still present. I have adjusted the wheels to make sure they were correctly tightened, and the bit i am using is only a couple of days old. Any help from someone would be GREATLY appreciated!

Endmills are consumables — have you been inspecting the edges before each cut?

Looks a little dark to me — do you have your feeds and speeds balanced so as to maintain a good chipload to carry away heat and not overheat the edges of the endmill?

I have a new 60 degree bit that hasn’t been touched and I compared it to that before starting the carve. I am kind of new to this as well and only have been doing it for 2 months, so I am not really sure if my speed is correct, I have the dealt 611 for my spindle and generally set it at 1.5… I haven’t had an issue with other boards in the past doing this with this font.

Sometimes for wood, it’s all about the wood — the material may have extra pitch/tar, or different or tougher grain than other things you’ve cut — a good technique for adjusting / verifying feeds and speeds is:


Thanks for the link! I will have to dive into that and make sure I have my settings correct. I really appreciate the help!