Having trouble with y axis sides lining up

Just got my xcarve built and have done a few cuts and am liking it very much. One problem I am having however is that even though my machine measures square from corner to corner the 2 sides of my gantry do not line up. The left side motor carriage is about a quarter inch closer to the front than the right side. I attempted to adjust by pulling the belts off and making it even before putting the belts back on however whatever is making it off just makes it off once again. It also did not stay even after adjusting it without the belt it just crept back to crooked. Anyone got any ideas?


I will have to check those things when I get to work tomorrow. I would believe the slides themselves are true especially since there are two of them side by side but i will definitely look at that. Thanks

Are you checking at the fixed end of the belts or the adjustment end. Do you get the same results at both ends of the travel.

Just an update… I believe something somewhere was slightly bent. It may not have been the right way but a little gentle persuasion and I seem to have gotten it all fixed. Thanks for the helping replies. Love the machine.

I’m having this exact problem. I’ve just replaced the X axis makerslides as the ends were not cut completely square but still the right hand Y carriage is 20mm closer to the front Y axis support than it is on the left hand side. At the back of the Y axis, the difference is still the same but reversed i.e. the left had side hist the back stop 20mm before the right.

No obvious bends anywhere but I’ll take the Y axis plates off and check that they are flat tomorrow.
I’m thinking I may have to shim one side of the X axis makerslides to fix this but open to suggestions of other things to check.
Home made spoil board in case that is relevant.

EDIT; Loosened every bolt I could find , including the spoil board and then re-tightened in sequence using a square a a couple of 123 blocks for alignment. Difference between left and right sides is now less than 1mm! Happy.
I think the problem was that the spoil board was pulling things out of square. This was the first time I’d loosened those bolts .
Now to solder the stepper motor plug back on the right hand Y motor - had to remove that to change the mnakerslide, and I’ll be ready for a few movements test. All going well, first cut today!

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Did somehow clamp the 123 blocks to the rails? If so, did you have to clamp from underneath, or did you have to completely remove the spoilboard first?

Funny, I have the exact same alignment problem as described here. It’s almost as if the X carriage is sprung a solid 2+ mm. If I turn off power to the Y2 motor, align to match the Y1 motor, it’s fine. If I power off both motors at the same time, the Y2 motor jumps back out of alignment. I also believe this is causing a slight error in large circles ending up oblong on the Y2 side og the machine.