Hazuki Magnifying Glasses

Anyone familiar with this product?


They look legit.

WOW, $100.00
look up magnifying glasses on amazon.
Lots of them available, nowhere near that price.

I have a Donegan OptiVISOR, but it gets on my nerves after a while. Especially in the summer when it gets hot.

They say 160% so that is really 1.6x magnification. It’s not unreasonable if they aren’t a sham.

Will do.

These say they are 1.5 magnifiers for about $10

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Yeah I agree with you the 1/3 sales gimmick has been going on since ron popeil toaster oven. The glasses are made of plastic and properly worth 6.00

Yes, but…

Are they made from superior Hatori Hanzo plastic?

I just thought of someone I know that is a “As Seen On TV” junkie. I bet he has already ordered a pair. I can ask him.

He is one of the people that bought those battery operated pot stirrers that look like a bug. :joy: