Hdpe all scratched up

So I ordered a small sheet of 12"x24" black hdpe from inventables. It came in today and it was all scratched up!! I usually use a local supplier for my plastics when I get almost any type of hdpe acrylic plexi poly or almost anything it comes with a protective cling plastic or paper on the surface to prevent scratches. The hdpe from inventables did not have the protective coating on either side??? Is this common when buying from inventables? only way I know to fix this is to sand and buff any other ideas?

No its not.
Contact them to sort out the issue.

Contact them. I ordered a sheet of foam that had the corner break off in shipment and they corrected the problem.

@StephenCook @JustinBusby I will get hold of them and see what they have to say

just carve something cool in to it so you don’t see the scratches


So they have advised me that most of there hdpe comes with a protective coating. However the basic colors do not?? They can send me a new sheet but it won’t have the coating and cannot guarantee it won’t be scratched in shipping again… @BlueLocktite I needed a nice finish for the project I had in mind. Guess I’ll be carving something cool in it lmao and sourcing a new piece from my normal spot. Only problem with them is you have to buy min 4’x8’ sheet so I’ll end up with 16 12"x24" sheets lmao

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