HDU board feeds and speed rates?

HI I have a x carve 1000 and would like suggestions on feeds and speed rates to use on HDU foam sign board? thanks


I See this got a lot of attention! I am looking for the same thing as well. Getting ready to cut HDU foam and figured I could probably use some pretty fast settings but wanted to know what others had tried with most success.

Do some test cuts. Consider the bits that you are going to use. Heat is you enemy. You need a feed rate fast enough to avoid melting the foam. The bit will get the melted foam stuck to it pause the operation and remove. You know your too slow. This is about trial and error. Same with depth of cut


I just finished my first batch of lettering. I used a 1/8th inch spiral upcut bit with 80 feed, 30 plunge, and .0625 depth.

Cut like butter!

This stuff is so soft when it comes to cutting or sanding that I think I could probably push it more and be fine. Bit stayed cool.

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