Heart skipped, skipped, a beat

Accurate representation of me:

So today I started remodeling my basement and my Upgraded X-Carve by getting rid of that overhand tubing and wiring design I’ve been rocking for a while and incorporating it along the frame of the machine.

To get started I needed the machine to be in a more centered position when decoupling the Power Cable feeding the Spindle so off we go, plug in the Surface Book, launch UGS-Platform, home the machine - Z-Axis Homes [24:00 countdown] tick tock X-Axis Homes tick tock Y-Axis crashes hard and keeps making endless noise until I E-Stop the X-Controller.

I restart everything - Same problem. I electrically test the Limit-Switch - Working fine. I un- and remount the Limit-Switch - Nothing loose. I install CNCJS - Same problem. I’m about to disassemble the X-Controller to check for electric issues when I, after moving the Gantry for a larger distance, spot an unassuming black cable dangling between the front left Y-Axis Rail Mounting Plate and the X-Axis Gantry Sideplates where the Switch is mounted to - I remove and test again - Success…

Turns out the wire in question managed to lodge itself into the gap between the two Plates that would normally be closed during homing and thus allow for the Y-Axis Limit-Switch to be triggered. With the wire in place, the gap couldn’t be closed and the Switch wouldn’t trigger hence the Steppers continuously trying to move the Leadscrews and causing an almost heart-attack-inducing noise.

Crisis averted but at what cost - I can already feel a grey hair forming somewhere >_<

I’ve not had this exact issue, but I know your panicked feeling reaching for the eStop button. I’m glad you’re sorted without too much permanent trauma.

(My issue was accidentally switching from mm to inches, then jogging by 10s… things escalated very quickly.)