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Hefty Price Increase

Let me get this straight: In January we are going to see a huge price increase in the annual subscription price of Easel but we are NOT going to see a huge feature set increase at the same time or possibly ever? Has Inventables finally been bitten by the greed bug? There are things that users have been asking for for a long time and it seems that it all falls on deaf ears. Oh, we get a drip and a drab here and there but generally speaking, what we get is only to placate us and not really give a top quality CAM product. just eradicating the known bugs would be a great start. And maybe some fonts that are found in the real world.

I, for one, am truly disappointed with Inventables.



Yep. I have Vectric. Proof that Easel is not the feature rich set it should be.


What version of Vectric do you use and on which machine. I have the New X-Carve. Just finished building it today.
I hope they are still honoring my 3 years of Easel that came with the unit.

I have an Xcarve that I bought in 2016. (which is a great machine by the way)
I have the desktop version and never used Easel when I learned that it is internet based.
I have a thing about being under someone else’s control.
You’ll never look back.


Cskybird: I use the Vectric Desktop Pro V 11. I started out with it shortly after getting my x Carve 2 years ago. V9 was my starting version. I really like it and once you get a handle on even 50% of what it offers, you will really like the results. I use EASEL for quick stuff but when I am importing 3D files, the Vectric Desktop does all I could ask. Aspire is too expensive for my blood so I purchase the 3D files from Design and Make or from other on line sources.


I went with V-Carve Desktop, I OWN the software, one money, free updates NO CLOUD BASED BS !

Full extensive features blows Easel out of the water.

Can’t get Easel to work, or even the Inventables website on occasion … even though I am hardwired into a fiber network…lesson learned, LOVE the X-Carve in V-Carve Desktop, reliable every time !

OK. I own V-Carve Desktop too, but I still send the g-code through easel. What am I missing? I am not complete devoid of reliance on Easel Cloud issues since it is the driver using the V-Carve g-code

why are you not using the xcarve post processor listed in the post possessor list in the vectric file?

A simple misspeak. I do use the xCarve post processor. I then import the g-code into easel. Since I hamfistedly learned this on my own, am I doing it incorrectly?

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I, as another, am truly disappointed with Inventables.
Their features do not justify such a price hike. My subscription ended in a few days from now anyway, so I just cancelled. I will be doing all my work in Vectric from now on.


boys ,boys,

we already know EASEL sucks but … your still using it
your using Vectric then try/start using UGS (
you won’t internet anything at all, except to enjoy wine here.


I started out using UGS but I struggled with it. (which had nothing to do with my lack of experience I’m sure)
A lot of people us UGS so don’t be afraid of it.
I now use picsender to send the files to the controller.

You say you struggled with UGS. What struggles did you have and were they so dire that you moved on? I am definitely interested in lessening or eliminating my Easel dependence but not at huge intellectual expense or time loss expense.

I like the user interface of Openbuilds Control better than UGS and when I first started using it, it had features that have for the most part, also been added into UGS…

I use cncjs and get along good with it. It has a pretty easy learning curve.

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At the time (2016) I just bought my machine and didn’t even know how to turn it on.
My struggles with UGS was simply my own inexperience.
I’m sure that I would have no problems now, but I bought picsender and I found it to be a bit more intuitive and used it ever since.

I would like to add my name to the growing group of disappointment. I have had my X-Carve from almost day one. I have purchased every upgrade, including the last. I am a hobbyist and not looking to make money from my X-Carve. But unfortunately, that seems to be where Inventibles is headed. I am starting to think I made the wrong platform choice years ago. With this last upgrade, there were several issues that I had to work through and used up my free days of Pro before I got everything up and running. I thought about upgrading to pro, but for someone not making money on their machine, the price is way too high. Seems like there should be a nice middle ground, but It just keeps getting further out of reach. Good hardware, not great, and overpriced software.

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Define “hefty pay increase”. I haven’t seen anything anywhere.