Height Marker

Orders for crates that I make for a local store specializing in Michigan made products (the reason I was able to justify to my wife buying my X-Carve in the first place) have finally slowed down a little and I’ve been able to start on a very long list of personal projects I’ve been meaning to get to. A while back a friend requested a simple height chart for her son. They’re into Captain America so I couldn’t help customizing it a little bit for them. They were beyond thrilled with the result.

It’s not finished yet, they still need to decide on how they want the finished product to look, but here is a quick look at it. Due to where I have my X-Carve setup I had to have the long end come off the front. I split the carve into two steps as shown and located towards the top of y-axis for both steps so the carve came forward. It worked great minus a little bit of occasional chatter which I will likely need to address in the future (1x10 in pine board, 1/4 downcut bit, 60 ipm, 0.1 in DOC).


Looks good! I have done a few like this and used the feed through method to go longer than the bed of the machine.

I had good results with staining then cutting through the stain.


Those look fantastic, I like the finish a lot. Did yours require sanding and touchup for the stain, or was the cut pretty clean?

No cleanup that I remember on these ones. I have used that method a few times and had good results each time. Using a quality down cut bit helps to reduce chipping on the stained top layer. Here is another item I made in the same way.


How did you split the carve in easel?

For the letters “C”, “O” & “B”, I placed the board as far back as I could with the front end hanging off. I zeroed off the top right corner (what is eventually going to be the bottom left).

Once that was completed, I flipped it around and again placed it as far back as a I could for the “J” & “A” and zeroed off of the top left corner near the 6’ marker.

This way I was zeroing off of the same edge, not that it matters THAT much because I’m sure it would be accurate enough.