Height of Upper Cabinets to Lower Cabinet

I don’t know if there is an adjustment for this, but in the rendering of the room, the upper cabinets are way to high off the deck of the lower cabs. Is there an adjustment for how far from the counter to the start of the upper cabinet ?




Are you adjusting the room height? Easel places wall cabinets at the top of the wall. You should be setting the room height to reflect the top line of your cabinets.

I am not saying this is the best way to design and setting a height based per cabinet is a valid request.

It would be great if you could submit a feature request with an outline of when and why the feature would be useful and the team responsible for Easel Cabinetmaker may consider the improvements.


Hey team!

We have plans to allow users to specify the vertical position of wall cabinets. Currently, uppers are fixed to the top of the wall in the 3D rendering. We know that it is especially important for clients to get the most accurate visualization of the end result as possible - and more options for cabinet position will help with that. Stay up to date through our weekly progress updates as we bring this into development!

We don’t currently have a formal feature request process at the moment, but I encourage anyone with a suggestion or request to get in touch! We do our best to review the Easel Cabinetmaker forum regularly, and take down all feedback and requests for new features. We have a growing catalogue of improvements that we plan to implement, and we sincerely appreciate your input about the functionality you want and need from the software!


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Thx Natalie -

This would be a feature that would show off the design in a more favorable light, also once you add the counter top feature this would be ideal to show off the cabinet and under cab lighting.