Height Z Axis moves when you click Raise Bit?

I’ve spent a lot of time getting X/Y/Z zero where I want it. I’ve then had a few times where my carve wasn’t exactly on the wood where I wanted it. For example, I need to bump the Y axis home position up just 1/8" but keep X and Z the same. In Easel, the only thing I can see is to re-zero all X/Y/Z at one time. If I knew how high the Z axis goes when you click RAISE BIT (or when a job completes) then I can just jog DOWN the Z axis that amount and get the exact same Z zero point. X and Y are then still the same since the machine is in it’s home position, so can just adjust Y as needed, and re-zero.

(Edit: In this particular piece, I’m using a circular piece of wood so my ZERO point is off the work surface, so makes it tricky to get Z set correctly)

Easel’s Machine Inspector has a safety height setting in it, that’s how high it lifts the bit in the beginning and that’s where it leaves it at the end. I think mine came at .150", and I haven’t adjusted it.

never been tot he Advanced settings before, i see it now. very helpful, thanks!

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