Hellawell Custom's Project Thread

After seeing Stephen Cook’s projects thread I figured it was a good idea and thought I might as well do one myself. Keeps the forums clean posting all my projects in one thread instead of multiple posts! So here we go! I’ll update this thread as I go along!

What you can find here/About me

I purchased my very first Xcarve on September 10th. I am 23 and a Dad to be on January 18th! I consider myself a “DIYer” no real experience in wood working other than a few small projects I did for fun. I am an apprentice electrician and a licensed automotive technician. I love playing around with electronics. I mostly use my Xcarve to make wooden signs, Carbon Fiber switch panels for cars, Edge Lit LED signs, and soon portable bluetooth speakers!


Carbon Fiber Switch Panel made up for a customer. A simple design two 52mm holes for gauges and a toggle switch for fuel pump! I wanted to engrave Fuel Pump below the switch but the customer wasn’t 100% if it was going to be used for the fuel pump or not.

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Finished painting sign

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may kindly ask how the lighted spiderman logo is carved?

Ya for sure! I used a 30degree .006" engraving bit bought from dr!llman on ebay! I can’t say if its the best bit or not to use, as it was my first led sign, but it seems to have done the trick. I plan on doing quite a bit of LED signs so hoping to fine tune the process. I simply imported the design into easel and carved I believe I used 90ipm. I found the settings on another thread when I searched LED Sign.


I noticed Easel now has Cast Acrylic as a material. I’ll probably use that for the next one.

may i ask your design for my starter project?
if it’s alright with you.

Design for what?

design for the acrylic project.

Yes like Robert said you can Google spiderman and find tons of different options. Also if you are trying to do a first project I recommend you build it yourself on easel. You will learn allot more doing thst than you would simply opening my project and clicking carve.

Haven’t finished the base yet but here is another led sign! Turned our great!


As simple as it is, it is still bad ■■■! Where did you source the carbon fiber? Love the skull edge lit sign too, super cool!

Thanks! I haven’t found a reliable source yet. I buy my carbon fiber locally and make them into plates myself. I’m fairly experienced with carbon fiber and it was one of the main reasons I bought the CNC, however I found that there isn’t much money to be made selling custom car panels etc… I find most car people are cheap. These LED signs and camping signs have done me well so far. I am sure you would have better luck finding cheap carbon fiber. I am Canadian so I find almost anything is double the price that you guys pay :frowning:

I would love to make a pick guard for my Strat with carbon fiber…
Out if curiosity, how much do you charge for edge lit signs? Do you get your material from inventables?

Carbon Fiber is a very rewarding material to play around with, it can also be dangerous, always make sure to wear a mask and full clothing. I bought a dust boot, HEPA filters and wear a mask. The dust can be harmfull to your lunges. Anyways enough about the safety crap :stuck_out_tongue: I actually sell these signs for 45$ CAD. I find I always undersell my work, a problem I want to resolve one day! The signs are 8"x10" I think I could probably sell these for 70-80$ instead. I’ve got about 20 or so of these signs to do for people.

Here is another one I just finished. Once again I haven’t finished the base yet. Just lit up on a strip of LEDS.

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Latest Project an MDF Sign for the shop! Now to complete 20 LED Signs before christmas…


Man I wish I would of advertised stuff like that instead of these LED Signs… I’m in a bind trying to find powersupplies and am stuck paying 8-10$ per power supply just to get enough before christmas!

Yeah I use 1amp power supplies, usually buy from ebay. however now I am trying to find a place that ships within a few days. Your prices are pretty close to the same I charge.

Just finished this… No more chasing tools around the shop… I really need to invest in a camera…

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I am canadian… The 3 words that ruin my online buying every time. :frowning: