Help 50 Star Flag Union

We have been dremeling our stars by hand for months. We now have a bobs cnc E3. I’m VERY new to wood routing. I’m thinking this is a bit issue. Why is it only cutting the outline of the Stars?

This obviously multiple tries on one piece of wood. I had an svg file made then pulled it up in inkscape change to omg file, pulled up in f-engrave saved as g code file and then finally used UGS

It depends on your desired end result. Your picture in F-Engrave shows outlines of stars, which is what it appears you got as your carve.

Make sure when you convert using inkscape they remain solid/filled.

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I don’t understand why the stars do not stay solid when I pull it up in F-engrave, but they ar3 clearly solid in inkscape and when I save them in the png format.

I might suggest searching “F-Engrave” on here. I think there is a tutorial and some advice. I’ve used it once or twice, so I’m not that good with it.

Bit look funky, not a proper end mill for wood is it?

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That certainly looks like a regular drill bit

Lol…Like I said I’m very new female learning to use a cnc router. What type of bit should I be using?

yeah that looks like a v-bottom drill

not the greatest choice for milling lol I am suprised that it did as good as it did

here is the bits I would suggest

  1. #RC-1148

I really appreciate it. Thank you.

if you buy that set of bits from inventables could you let me know if those plastic collars move on the shaft?

normally those are for setting your depth in the collet but they seem to be in a weird position