Help, 611 broken?

Hi all, I think I have damaged my DeWalt 611 (actally D26200 uk 240v version) router.

I was milling some aluminium and it was struggling, I think the feed rate wasn’t fast enough. After this it didn’t sound quite right and after inspection the bit no longer rotates concentrically. The tip of a 30 degree v bit has around 1mm play side to side and when turning manually clockwise (from underneath) there is a slight clicking feel and sound.

It still functions normally apart from this.

I have searched for bearing replacement etc… but couldn’t find anything on YouTube.

Can anybody help me diagnose and fix the problem please or do I bite the bullet and spend another £165 on a replacement?


Here’s a USA parts list. Parts 50, 51 & 53. There’s gotta be the same type of place for uk.

Ereplacement Parts

That sounds bad. Have you pulled out the bit and inspected the collet? If that is damaged you can easily replace it.
If it is a bearing or something in the shaft you may want to see if there is a Dewalt / power tool repair near you and get an estimate.

i found spare parts here but have still to dismantle and locate any damaged parts

collet is fine. Tried both 1/4" and 6mm collets and both exhibit the same issue

I’ll probably do both and have a spare once fixed, I like a challenge :+1:

Bad bearings?

If router strugled little longer, your brushes might be burned from spark. Remove Brushes and inspect, replace if necesary. Also if you can see coils, check for color change.

Dismantled and inspected. Looks to me like the armature is slightly bent. Unfortunately that is the most expensive part and only £10 more for a whole new unit. One on order :worried:

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