Help a beginner with GCode and Post Processors

Hi Everyone,
I’m just learning to use Carvey and I’m very confused.
I understand that I have to use a CAM program (like MeshCAM) to convert my design into G-Code. To Import G-Code, I read somewhere that I need a post-processor. Does this mean that I can’t just go to Easel and select “Import” and import the .nc file?
At what step do I include the post-processor? Do I have to download it and add it in somewhere?
A simple explanation would be very much appreciated!

In general you can break the work flow into three parts:
1 - Design stage
2 - Defining what to be carved and how (CAM phase)
3 - Export machining code into a format Easel accept (Post Process aka a CAM->Easel translator)

Easel is a standalone program that do all three stages:
1 - You design your part in Easel
2 - You tell Easel how to cut your part
3 - Press “Carve” and wait

Once Easel run out of features you want you need to do the same work flow but by using different softwares.
1 - You design your part in your program of choice
2 - Prepare design for cutting (CAM)
3 - Export compatible gcode (Post Processor tailored to the machine you want to carve on, usually downloadable/plugin)

As long as you design in Easel you dont have to think three stages, Easel in all-in-one.