Hi am newer than new using X Carve and Easel Pro. I ordered my X-Carve plus but it won’t get here till July. Since I don’t know anything about either, I was looking for advice as to what I can do to prepare myself so that I will be ready when my machine arrives.

Is there a way to study or practice on Easel Pro? After reading several other posts, it sounds like it’s more than plug and play. Can anyone direct me to a site that could help me get ready to get ready?

Did I get in over my head? Will I be able to use these programs, or will I need to take cad programming courses?

If you are wanting to use easel try this link. They have a lot hands on stuff and walk thru stuff here.


Depends on what you want to do. I new nothing about CNC when I purchased mine 3 years ago. Started watching a lot of you tube videos. Phil has Paw Paws workshop. His video will become your best friend. Easel is a one stop shop if you stumble you can share your project a lot of us here like to help out. In a few years you may graduate to the other software’s depending on what you want to do. Look up my thread “Steve’s Projects” Everything on there was done in Easel.

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Thanks Steve. I just keep hearing these technical terms that people are sharing on their posts, and makes me wonder if I need to know all about this before I get started.

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Thanks Wayne, I am in the middle of a move right now so as soon as I get my computer set back up I will definitely check out that link.

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