Help and Advice with Gingerbread trim

I got a request for some gingerbread corners from my in laws, has anyone done any?

I did a search for gingerbread but only got results for the men and the houses.

I think the flat curves, the second image, would be rather straight forward I was more curious about the rounded pieces in the first pic.

You would have to make it in pieces, with the rounded pieces made on a lathe, and all glued together.

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You might want to think about combining the flat version with 2 pieces of trim mitered to form the L, some glue & brad nails, and then you’ll have the 3d look without needing to turn the tiny spindles.

Do you know what the forums name is?

Thanks I’ll take a look

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Those are called corbels. Try searching for victorian corbels.

Where should I search house trim, I tried on this forum but didn’t get any results.

Look at Rockler for your spindles. When I made a cradle for my granddaughter I chose to purchase the spindles rather then turn them one at a time. You can get them in different lengths.

Thanks for all the advice I have found some cool designs in the Free models section of the CNCZone forum. My new question is in Vcarve how do you make it carve all the way through with tabs, basically I want to make the corner but I don’t want the pieces to break as they are 3d carving. I basically just want to cut out the empty space. Any advice would be great.